Meet “The Writer”

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Pull up a chair, get comfortable and dive in. This is, so to speak, ground zero; where you can head off in a myriad of directions to see what I’m up to, read excerpts of my latest book or follow the adventures of the Little Black Dress, the Sons of Thunder and yours truly.

Oh yes, all those nicknames. You’ll see those names a lot, as well as the Dog Who Thinks It Can Fly. And out of nowhere, you’ll see various assortments of monkeys – some fly, some sit around in a Zen state, and others like to hike. Hang with me.  

The Dress, or LBD for short, is my wife. The Sons are pretty well what the name implies, our three boys who live life to the fullest. And they keep us, shall we say, busy. The Dress refers to me as “Winters the Writer,” or “The Writer” over at her blog She has some other names for me when I’m in the proverbial dog house, but let’s not go there. The Dress focuses on empowering women to reach their full potential in Christ. If you need inspiration, her blog is the place.

As for me, I spent 24 years in the  newspaper business. And I can say that if it had anything to do with newspapers I did it, including delivering papers in the snow to actually running a press and not blowing anything up. I was also an award-winning investigative reporter and a three-time Pulitzer Prize nominee. But I also wrote some obits and covered more Rotary Club meetings than anyone alive.

I spent a few years in Washington, D.C. as a bureau chief; then off to the Great Frontier, also known as Alaska, as publisher of the capital city’s newspaper; then a stint as a general manager of another newspaper in Nebraska. Finished up in Georgia running a national news service. Yep, I’ve done it all and pretty much all over the country.

So again, welcome and enjoy your stay. Drop me a line any time.

And when all else fails, just flip the dog.

God bless