What We’re Up To

The Dress is busy building up her Life Coaching practice while at the same time finishing up a book on Prayer Warriors, another on healthy living and there’s a couple others in the works as well. Check out her website – Corby Winters – where you can get a Monday Muse, learn about Having a FabYOUlous You and the always popular Thankful Thursday’s.


Let’s see, The Writer chronicles life with the Little Black Dress and the SONs of Thunder over at his personal blog – Just Flip The Dog.

You never know what he’ll write about. Sometimes its incredible recipes with great friends; backpacking with the White Monkey; blowing up wave runners, sinking catamarans and digging to China with the SONs; and just enjoying the journey with The Dress. And every now and then, a wise word or two.


You can also check out our book store link to review the three books The Writer has already published.


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